Our primary goal is to be a company that is proactive in the search for solutions, and in our environmental commitment via the implementation of best practices.


Maintain customer preference by constant improvement and the services offered, staying at the forefront with leading edge technology and training of the personnel, as a strategy in the permanence and growth in the market.


Providing a comprehensive solution to our customers seeking to provide excellent quality service in the least possible time and cost.


We work to be an avant-garde company of new generation with the best technical human resource and technological solutions to our clients.



RESPONSIBILITY: To assume the commitment with the Company (shareholders, customers and colleagues), to achieve its objectives, to act with its philosophy, performing the work with honesty, honesty, loyalty, ethical respect and integrity.

HONESTY: Propitiate a harmonic environment that favors the work environment, acting with respect, tolerance, comradeship and collaboration, generating the certainty that we are a reliable and integral company.




 QUALITY: Provide a service that meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers, doing things right from the first time in time and form.

PREVENTION: Anticipating the needs of the clients and the company, responding with fluidity, flexibility and creativity to the challenges that may arise. 

COOPERATION: To work as a team to meet goals, relying on personal and professional development on a permanent basis.

We understand our clients' business.

Before starting the planning and repair of any equipment, we make sure we understand its justification, its objectives and goals, its restrictions and assumptions; identifying each of the customer’s expectations.


Environmental Impact gives order, clarity and transparency to the logistics with standardized processes and trained people who seek to ensure results in each project.

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AV. Miguel Hidalgo 6202 between calle Diamante and Col. Petrolera Chairel P.C: 89219. Tampico Tamaulipas.

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