Software to manage high savings in electrical energy consumptionSoftware to manage high savings in electrical energy consumption.

Care of seas, lagoons and rivers in the collection of plastic materials

Wastewater treatment systems

Maintenance and installation of Wind Turbines, Photovoltaic stations, integral services for air conditioning systems.

-Construction of electromechanical works:

-Process piping.

-Conduction lines.

-Instrumentation and automation.

-Assembly of process equipment.

-Thermal insulation.

-Atmospheric vertical cylindrical tanks.

-Civil works construction:

-Deep foundations.

-Reinforced concrete foundations.

-Reinforced concrete structures.

-Housing construction.

-Smart buildings.

Pre-fabrication and erection
of steel structure:


-Pipe racks.

-Structures; light, medium-heavy and heavy.

Vehicle Division:

-Tract trucks

-Container Chassis






-Brake systems

-Software for management of high savings in electricity consumption.

-Power Generators

-Air compressors

-Fire stations

-Motor pumps


-Industrial Units and Equipment

-Stationary and/or Mobile Cranes

-Major Repairs

-Preventive/Corrective Services



-Final Drives



Marine Division:







-Care of seas, lagoons and rivers in collection of plastic materials.

-Offshore Services: 

-Major Repairs

-Corrective Maintenance

-Annual Preventive Maintenance -Technical and Operating Personnel by Administration for Various Maintenance Work



-Heavy and Construction Machinery:

-Major Repairs

-Preventive/Corrective Services



-Final Drives




Wastewater Treatment System

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